I've written a few poems and decided to publish them. They are available as paperbacks or e-books (from Amazon and iBooks).

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Hello Mister on Amazon Kindle

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Tuesday off your face
baby oil and neon glee.
Thursday still off your face
broken promises and group tea.

Dear Child

It's ready. Checked. Printed (very nearly). Done.

Sex sex sex sex. Understand the theme yet?

My third poetry book is 47 more poems in my frank style, all about sex. Not the romantic, greeting card fluff. Sex. A lot of poems about initmacy, physical exertion, mental quakes and a lot of fucking. There's a fair few regular poems as well on this, that, and the other.

Hello Mister and other poems

with dynamics cover

With Dynamics on Amazon Kindle

With Dynamics paperback

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Baroness Thatcher, Lady Thatcher,
should I bow? Ha fucking ha.
What I should do to her tart statue
involves spit, piss, paint, eggs and flour.

The Thing from Grantham

My second poetry book is 50 more poems in my forceful style and rhythmic honesty. You will not read poems like these anywhere else. No really, you won't.

Not the poet laureate dross...

...far more interesting and comic are the poems in With Dynamics and other poems. Everyday language, common themes, sex, swearing, gym teachers with gay moustaches, slagging off Physics, all the stuff none of the crapola laureates are writing about.

With Dynamics and other poems

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Mohawk Man paperback

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Tracey Emin sews and shows an exploration inside her;
instead of emotional truth is a eulogy to her vagina.
Piss-poor examination of grotty self-absorbed idiocy;
that is the quality of art that is evidently Eminnery.

Wandy Ahole

My debut poetry book has 50 poems in my unique and forceful style.

It is contemporary poetry on a variety of topics including music, people, events, memories, and art, in a style that combines feeling and ideas expressed in a fresh voice.

Expletives NOT deleted

There are strong views, sharp words and stinging honesty in every poem. (Swearing, in other words). And lots of them. Some as part of the rhyme too.

Mohawk Man and other poems