I've written a children's story, The Mattress Staircase, and it's just been released (from Amazon and iBooks).

the mattress staircase cover

The Mattress Staircase on Amazon Kindle

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James is playing in his room late one evening. His dad comes in and tells him it's time for bed because tomorrow will be a busy day. Reluctantly James gets under the covers.

But as he lies under the covers, James’ fingertips feel an oddness in his mattress. He examines and presses it exposing a large hole that reveals a floating mattress below in the darkness. James jumps down onto the floating mattress and sees another floating mattress below that and another and another…

Follow James on his night-time adventures jumping down mattresses and discovering strange characters and places at the bottom of The Mattress Staircase.

A night-time adventure for James

The Mattress Staircase follows James one night as he discovers the floating mattresses and he jumps down them...

The Mattress Staircase is my debut children's story.

Cover illustration by Magdalena Almero Nocea